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09th Class Science Notes
09th Class Chemistry Notes

9 Class- Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Classification of Elements

Periodic Table of Elements Do you know, more than 115 elements have been discovered. So, these elements need to be arranged systematically. First elements were classified as metals and non metals. But as per requirements, many periodic table of elements researched. History of classification of elements 1.     Prout’s Hypothesis – 1815         …

9 Class- Chemical Bonding and Reactions

Chemical Bonding and Reactions Chemical Bonding Molecule forms by the combination of two atoms of elements. The attraction force operate between atoms is known as Chemical Bonding. Now we learn step by step about chemical bonding and reactions. Chemical bonds are formed due to presence of valence electrons in atoms. Valence electrons present in the …

9 Class- Atomic Structure

These are atomic structure class 9 science notes by ChemistryNotesInfo. Atomic structure class 9 Lets learn about atomic structure of class 9th. But before learning about atomic structure first we see, what is atom? What is an atom? Matter found around us in nature (like iron rod, glass, cup, pen, pencil etc.) is made up from …