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Transition state theory or Activated complex theory

Transition state theory or Activated complex theory It is more modern theory proposed in 1932 by Pelzer & Manger later developed by Erying and colleagues. 1. Rate equation formation using the statistical mechanics to describe equilibrium between activated complex and reactant. 2. Rate equation formulation as per thermodynamical state function to describe transition state complex …

Chemistry 11th & 12th Formula in pdf

On this page you get, all Chemistry Formula list or links. You can also get our Chemistry Formulas in PDF for 11th & 12th Class Students. You get These chemistry volume formula and List below- 11th & 12th Classes Formula in PDF Below is the list of Chemical Formulas Resources 1. Chemistry formulas for Atoms, …

Laporte Selection Rule

Laporte Selection Rule

Laporte selection rule was given by Otto Laporte. He was a famous German born American physics scientist. He made great contributions in the field of science like in spectroscopy, fluid dynamics, quantum mechanics and electromagnetic wave propagation theory. In Spectroscopy, his name is given to selection rule as Laporte rule. Definition of Laporte Selection Rule …

Bent Rule

Definition of Bent Rule As per bent Rule the more electronegative constituent prefer the hybrid orbitals having less s character & the more electropositive constituent prefer the hybrid orbitals having more s  character, is bent Rule.jss 


Debye Huckel Theory This theory is based on 3 assumptions that how the ions act in the solution 1. in the solution electrolytes completely dissossiate into ions 2. electrolyte solution are very dilute of order of 0.01M 3. each ion surrounded by ion of the opposite charge on the average.