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11 Scientists and their Brilliant Inventions

11 scientists and their brilliant inventions

Above video is video of 11 Scientists and their Brilliant Inventions. You can also see more videos on famous scientists and their inventions at our YouTube channel Chemistry Notes Info . List of famous scientists and their inventions Archimedes The Archimedes’ Screw Robert Hooke discovered plant cells Law of elasticity Benjamin Franklin Law of Conservation …

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Abbreviations

Abbreviations used in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Abbreviations used in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing As we know pharmaceutical manufacturing products i.e. medicines, life saving drugs have very high importance in our life. Today we learn about various abbreviations used in pharmaceutical manufacturing process steps or simply in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. These short forms are used in every pharmaceutical manufacturing companies like pharmaceutical industry in USA, …

Chemistry Tutor Chemistry Notes Info at new Web Address

Chemistry Notes Info _ Your Chemistry Tutor for Innovative Education

Welcome to new Chemistry Notes Info website Welcome Friends… Your chemistry tutor move from to This is just a welcome post especially from your Chemistry Tutor i.e. Chemistry Notes Info. Dear friends finally now we move our ChemistryNotesInfo website to new web address. In short, from its old blogger blogspot web address …