science of fireworks

Science of Fireworks

Their is great science behind fireworks. Fireworks are created to express joy happiness and to celebrate many festival’s like Diwali Dhashera Eid Baisakhi Christmas etc. Fireworks produce brilliant Colors sparkling and shapes. Their are different chemicals, elements which produces different colours and also rocket science to move fireworks from ground to sky where they explode to produce different sparkling and shapes.

Firework chemistry


If you don’t know answer then wait to get answer of these questions after Diwali Celebrations

How do fireworks work chemistry?
Where and when were the first fireworks invented?
What are fireworks made out of?
What chemicals are in fireworks?
Parts of a firework?
How do fireworks get their color?
How do fireworks explode?

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  • How do fireworks work chemistry?
    answer: chemicals in fireworks react during burning and this reaction gives different colors.

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