Science Quiz : Acids and Bases Chemistry MCQs Part 18

Science Quiz : Acids and Bases Chemistry MCQs

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These are some of the random multiple question answers from Acids and Bases Chemistry…

1. OH ion is called as:

Hydronium Ion
Hydroxide Ion
Hydrate Ion
Hydrogen Ion

2. Taste of acidic food is:


3. H+ Ion (Hydrogen Ion) is simply a:

Hydroxide Ion

4. Bases increases concentration of what in water:

H+ Ion
OH Ion

5. Which of the acid from given below choice of acids is more dangerous:

Citric Acid
Carbonic Acid
Hydrochloric Acid
None of the above

6. Which of the given below statement about Alkalis is true:

They cannot neutralise acids
They are all insoluble
They are all acids
They are all bases

7. What happens to litmus paper in basic solutions:

Red litmus paper turns blue
Blue litmus paper turns red
Pink litmus paper turns Black
Black litmus paper turns blue

8. A liquid has a pH of 6.5, so this liquid is:

Weakly acidic
Weakly alkaline
Strongly acidic

9. A liquid has a pH of 14, so this liquid is:

Weakly acidic
Weakly alkaline
Strongly acidic
Strongly basic

10. If a solution have pH of 9, then its H+ concentration is:

1 x 10-9 moles/liter
1 x 10-18 moles/liter
1 x 109 moles/liter
1 x 1018 moles/liter

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