States of Water H2O

Welcome Chemistry Lovers! In this science post we learn about three states of water i.e. different forms of water : Solid, Liquid and Gas…

States of Water ( H2O)

·         Water exists in three state i.e. Solid (Ice), Liquid (Portable Water, Sea Water, Drinking Water etc.), Gas ( Steam, Vapors). 
·         In these three form of water has different physical properties but same chemical composition i.e. H2O
·         Also characteristics of these forms of water depend on the molecular energy and how molecules aggregate.
·         As molecules changes its physical state ( from liquid to gas, gas to liquid, solid to gas etc.) there is no change in chemical properties of the substance but some changes may occur in rate of chemical reaction.

जल की तीन अवस्थायें: द्रव, ठोस (बर्फ), और हवा – 3 States of Water: Solid, Liquid and Water in Hindi


Photos of different forms of Water

       1. Solid => Ice


2. Liquid => Drinking Water

3. Gas => Steam

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