Structure of Atom Class 11 MCQ

Structure of Atom MCQ

Structure of Atom Chemistry Question Answers

These are some of the random multiple question answers from Structure of Atom… 

1. Who discovered anode rays :

 J. Stanley
 J. J. Thomson

2. Neutron was discovered by :



3. Radioactive isotope of hydrogen has ________ number of neutrons :


4. Cathode rays are deflected by :

 A magnetic field only
 An electric field only

 By Both
 By None

5. Cathode rays have :

 Mass Only
 Charge Only
 Mass and Charge Both
 No Charge and No Mass

6. Mass of atom is mainly constituted by :

 Neutrons and neutrino
 Neutrons and electrons

 Neutrons and protons
 Protons and electrons

7. Ratio of mass of proton and electron is :


 None of these

8. Atomic number of an element is equal to the number of  :

 Electron and Proton

9. Size of nucleus is :

 10-8 m

 10-10 m

 10-12 m

10-15 m

10. Who modifies Bohr’s model :


Also read Chemistry Notes of this chapter at below link…
11 Class Chapter 2- Structure of Atom

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