What is an atom?

What is an atom?

Atom is basic building block of all matter.

An Atom Have

1. Nucleus

  • Nucleus is very small and heavy part of the atom.

2. An Surrounding Electron Cloud

  • Surrounding electron cloud is large and lightweight part of the atom.

Nucleus of an Atom

 Nucleus Contains


  •  Protons have a positive charge.
  •  All atoms are distinguished by the number of protons it has (atomic number).


  •  Neutrons have no charge.
  •  Neutrons have same mass as protons.

Electron Cloud of an Atom

 An Electron Cloud of an Atom Contains


  • Electron have a negative charge.
  • Electrons are contained within the shells of electron cloud.
  • Electrons have very small mass as compared to neutrons and protons.
  • Electron move in orbital motion around nucleus.
  • Electrons decides how bonds formed.

Atomic Structure

Structure of atom
What is Atom – Atomic Structure

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What is Atom ?

Matter found around us in nature (like iron rod, glass, cup, pen, pencil etc.) is made up from very small particles, which is known as atoms.
we also says that “atoms are very small particles which made matter” so atom is fundamental unit of matter.
Greek Philosopher, Democritus describe atom as very small indivisible particle.
‘New System of Chemical Philosophy’ is a book about atom written by John Dalton in 1703.

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